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Child Support Forms

Below are seven online forms available to you. These forms are appropriate only if your case is in Cuyahoga County. These forms are secure.  Once you have completed a form, a member of the Cuyahoga Support Enforcement Agency’s Call Center will either complete your request or send it to the appropriate department within the Agency for follow up.

If you like, there is a button on the form for you to be placed on the CSEA e-mail list. You will receive notices through e-mails about building closures, computer disruptions or important changes in laws/policies/procedures that may affect child support cases. Because of strict confidentiality requirements, your e-mail address will remain confidential and will not be distributed to anyone outside of CSEA.

We hope these online forms provide you with efficient service that will ultimately serve in the best interests of your child.

Following forms are for Customers with a Child support case only.

Online Forms 

Anonymous Tip Form

Do you know someone who is working and not paying their child support obligation? Do you know the name of the employer? Do you have information on a child support case that may help get much needed child support payments to a family?

Go ahead and complete the Anonymous Tip form. Our staff will investigate your tip. Because of confidentiality, we are not able to disclose the outcome of your tip.

General question about your case

Do you need to know when your next hearing is scheduled or how long it takes to get the results of your genetic test? Maybe you want to find out when your child support payment arrived at Ohio Child Support Payment Central? These are the types of questions we can answer for you using the General Questions about Your Case electronic form.

Request Review And Adjustment (Modification)

Did you lose your job? Did your ex win the lottery? Has it been more than 36 months since your child support order was issued?

These are a few of the reasons that you may be eligible for a Review and Adjustment (Modification). Filling out this electronic form lets us know that you are interested in having your case reviewed. Once your form is received and reviewed, our folks in the Modification Unit will follow up with you. 

NOTE: Review and adjustment requests will NOT be accepted if your order was newly created or modified, is arrears-only (no minor children), or if you are seeking to close your case.

Report Changes to Employment

Changing employers affects your child support order. Most child support is received through wage attachments through your employer. When you change jobs, you need to notify the agency right away. We will verify the information and follow up with a new wage withholding order. By reporting the change as soon as it happens, you can prevent your child from missing a child support payment and falling behind on your child support order.

Report Address Change

Have you moved lately? Are you sure we have your correct address? Even though you have direct deposit for your child support account, we still need your current address. Every couple of years the State Office of Child Support sends a new debit card and uses the last address that you provided. Hearings and information about your case are routinely sent through the mail. Please make sure that your address is current. Complete the online form with your updated information and we will make sure the changes are made within the statewide computer system called SETS.     

Medical Insurance Information Update

Have your medical benefits changed or have you recently obtained new employment? Did you know that most health insurance plans change from employer to employer? When you change jobs, you need to notify the agency right away of any change or lapse in medical coverage for your child. By reporting the change as soon as it happens, you can prevent your child from not having medical coverage and/or prevent an additional payment of cash medical support. Should you have any case specific questions, contact the Med Team at or leave a message at (216) 443‑5221.

Direct Deposit/Debit Card Enrollment Form

With Direct Deposit or smiONE payment card:

  • Faster access to your money
  • No check cashing fees
  • No worries about lost or stolen checks
  • Guaranteed enrollment – no credit check
  • Use your money where you want, anytime you want
  • smiONE payment card Debit is accepted at millions of locations worldwide
  • With Direct Deposit money goes directly into your bank account

PDF Forms

Approval of Authorized Representation

If you have an attorney representing you or if you want your spouse to handle your child support issues, you can sign the Approval of Authorized Representation document and submit it to the Agency. Other examples of having an authorized representative would be if you had a close relative who handles your financial matters, want to authorize a reporter to speak to our Public Information Officer, or are working with an advocate and would like the advocate to deal with your issues.

Please read the entire document and complete it with all that applies to your case.

Mail the completed document to:
P.O. Box 93318
Cleveland, OH 44101-5318

Non-Public Assistance Application

The first time you request child support services, you will be asked to complete a Non-Public Assistance Application. We refer to it as an “IV-D App”. This information helps us help you because you are able to provide accurate information that will help us with your case.

Additionally, completion of the IV-D App insures that your local child support agency will be reimbursed by the Federal government for taking actions on your case.

Complete and sign the document with today’s date.
You must provide postage.

Mail it to:
P.O. Box 93318
Cleveland, OH 44101-5318

Request for the Termination of Child Support Order

Has a recent event occurred that could terminate your child support order?  If so, complete the Request for the Termination of a Child Support Order and provide the necessary documentation.  The Office of Child Support Services will initiate an investigation and you will receive paperwork informing you of the outcome. Email completed form and required documentation to or mail to CSEA/ICU P.O. Box 93318 Cleveland, OH 44101-5318