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Specialized Medicaid Benefits Center Locations

1641 Payne Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44114

Telephone Lines:  216-987-7075     
Zip Codes Served:  All Zip Codes in Cuyahoga County 
RTA Routes:   #4, #326 
Fax Numbers:  216-987-7016  
SMB Center Manager:  Kimberly Mayhew 216-987-6780

Services Available at the SMBC - Specialized Medicaid Benefits Center

  • Medicaid Waivers 
  • Medicaid Assisted Living 
  • Medicaid Long Term Care – Nursing Homes 
  • Medicaid for the Working Disabled (MBIWD) 
  • Medicare Co-Payment and Premium Assistance (QMB/SLMB) 
  • Disability Financial Assistance 
  • Customer Relations assistance with questions or concerns about your EFS services

Co-located Services

Covered Families and Children (CFC) Medicaid, Aged, Blind, Disabled (ABD) Medicaid, Food Assistance Program, Child Care Assistance Program (ECC), Prevention, Retention & Contingency program benefits (PRC), Ohio Works First Cash Assistance (OWF), Voter Registration, information and materials, Ohio Medicaid Managed Care Enrollment Specialist, Child Support Enforcement Agency, Pre-Employment Screening & Referral, Child Care drop-in center.