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New Child Support Laws for Medical Support

Beginning July 21, 2008 Federal and State laws require all new or modified child support orders to provide some form of medical support for the child at all times. The new laws were created to ensure that cash is available to assist with the child’s medical needs any time the child is not covered by private health insurance.

This information is for new/modified medical support orders issued after September 2008, in Cuyahoga County.

For More Information
Please contact the OCSS Call Center at 216-443-5100 or toll free in Ohio 800-443-1431

What else do I need to know about medical support?
  • If private health insurance is not available to either parent the when child support order is issued or modified, both parents will be required to notify the Cuyahoga Job and Family Services (CJFS) Office of Child Support Services (OCSS) when private health insurance becomes available.
  • If private health insurance stops (for example, the parent changes jobs), the non-custodial parent must pay cash medical support until new private health insurance is provided for the child.
  • When the OCSS is aware of any changes that effect a parent’s obligation to either pay cash medical support or provide health insurance, a notice will be sent to both parties and an administrative hearing may be requested if you disagree.
  • Cash medical support may be assigned (paid) to the State of Ohio when the child is receiving Medicaid benefits. When the child is not receiving Medicaid benefits cash medical support is paid to the custodial parent.

What is the medical support order?
Medical support includes private health insurance and cash medical support if private health insurance is not available, cash medical support must be paid until private health insurance becomes available.

Why are there different child support amounts in my new order?
All newly established or modified child support orders will contain three monetary obligations:
  • An amount when private health insurance IS provided
  • An amount when private health insurance IS NOT provided
  • An amount of Cash Medical that will be paid in addition to child support when private health insurance IS NOT provided

When will I be ordered to provide...

Private Health Insurance?
Either the Mother or the Father, or both, can be ordered to provide private health insurance–but only if it is reasonable in cost and is accessible.

Private health insurance is reasonable if the annual cost (family coverage minus self-only coverage) does not exceed five percent of that parent’s annual gross income. Private health insurance is accessible if primary care services are available within thirty miles of the child’s home.

Medicaid and Healthy Start do not meet the requirement to provide private health insurance. Cash Medical Support?
Cash medical support is only paid when private health insurance is not provided as ordered. If the parent’s annual gross income is less than 150% of the federal poverty level for an individual ($16,245 in 2009), he or she will not be required to pay cash medical support.

Uncovered Medical Cost?
Uncovered medical costs are divided between the parents per the child support order.