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Financial Institution Data Match (FIDM)

FIDM is an enforcement tool used in the collection of arrears. Financial accounts that belong to delinquent Obligors are identified by CJFS-OCSS. CJFS-OCSS freezes and seizes these accounts. The following criteria is considered when the FIDM process is initiated:

Financial institution name and account number are needed.
  • Support Order must be at least six (6) months old.
  • There must be a minimum arrearage of over one month’s obligation.
  • The CJFS-OCSS can still process FIDM even if the Obligor is currently paying to reduce the arrears balance.
  • The Advance Notice of Default and Potential Action notice must have been sent to Obligor (See Default information sheet).
  • The Obligor cannot be in bankruptcy, but the CJFS-OCSS can proceed once bankruptcy action has been resolved (bankruptcy does not excuse the child support obligation, including arrears).
  • There cannot be pending court action, however the CJFS-OCSS can proceed once the court action has been resolved.

For More Information
Please contact the CJFS-OCSS Call Center at 216-443-5100 or toll free in Ohio 800-443-1431