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Tax Refund Intercept

One of the CJFS-OCSS’s enforcement techniques is the tax refund intercept program for the InternalRevenue Service (IRS) and the Ohio Department of Taxation (ODT) that is done automaticallythrough our statewide computer system, SETS. The Social Security Number of the Obligor is submitted to the IRS or ODT when there are arrears, even if there is an unpaid balance upon which, the Court has ordered monthly payments. An Obligor’s tax refund may be interceptedeven if he/she is currently paying in order to reduce arrears balance.

Your case must meet the following criteria:
  • A valid court order or an administrative order for support is needed.
  • Obligor must file, be eligible for a tax refund and not owe any other government agency.
  • A verified Social Security Number for the Obligor is necessary.
  • An Application For Services signed by the Obligee is needed on file.
  • State of Ohio tax returns are intercepted if there is a total of $150.00 or more owing on ALL of your cases combined (not each separately).
  • Federal tax returns are intercepted on non-public assistance cases if there is a total of $500.00 or greater owing on ALL of your cases combined, not each separately. (See the Public Assistance information sheet).
  • Federal tax returns are intercepted for public assistance cases if there is a total of $150.00 or greater owing on ALL of your cases combined (not each separately).
  • Public assistance obligations and arrears are paid before the Obligee on a Federal tax refund.
  • An Obligee’s balance is met first on an State of Ohio tax return before public assistance arrears.
  • Joint IRS tax refunds are held for six (6) months prior to being released.

Important Tax Phone Numbers:
State: 800-282-1780
Federal: 800-304-3107