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Medical Insurance

The Cuyahoga Job and Family Services (CJFS) Office of Child Support Services (OCSS) is required under Federal Law to obtain Private Health Insurance coverage for the child(ren)on a child Support Order. This includes establishment of an insurance or cash medical order and verification of enrollment by the party ordered to provide coverage.

For More Information Please Contact:
CJFS-OCSS Call Center at 216-443-5100 or toll free in Ohio 800-443-1431


Q. I have been paying cash medical support on a new order because I had no insurance, my new job offers coverage, What should I do?

A. Report to OCSS that insurance is available. OCSS will determine if the cost is reasonable and you will become the Medical Obligor.

Q. When do the cash medical payments stop?

A. Cash medical ends the 1st day of the month when insurance coverage becomes effective.

Q. How do I receive credit for paying insurance?

A. Contact OCSS to request modification (Adjustment & Review)

Q. I took my child to the doctor and found out the Insurance coverage has ended. What should I do?

A. Contact OCSS, we will review your case for new insurance information. If none available, cash medical will start charging, in addition to the child support.

Q. I am ordered to carry private insurance but I live in a different state from my child. Do I still have to enroll my children?

A. Review your order and contact the agency. Changes may be made by asking the OCSS for a medical modification. This review may or may not result in changes to child support payments and/or the following:
  1. Private health insurance is ordered when a party has insurance that is reasonable in cost and accessible, making them the Medical Obligor.
  2. The order may give the medical obligor the option of alternative insurance, such as coverage through current spouse, individual policy or union rather than through their employer.