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Emancipation is defined as the removal of a child from the ongoing support order. The guidelines allowing CJFS-OCSS to emancipate a child are set forth by the Ohio Revised Code. Most commonly, the child reaches the age of majority, which is eighteen (18) years old and no longer attending an accredited full time high school (withdrawn orgraduated), but no longer than nineteen (19) years old.

  1. Death of a Child
    Required documentation - Death Certificate.
  2. Death of a Obligor
    Required documentation - Death Certificate
  3. Adoption of a Child on the Order
    Required documentation - Adoption journal entry signed by a judge.
  4. Change of Custody
    Required documentation - Change of custody journal entry signed by a judge.
  5. Marriage of a Child on the Order
    Required documentation - Marriage certificate.
  6. Military Enlistment by a Child on the Order
    Required documentation - Enlistment papers.
  7. Child Reaches the Age of Majority
    Required documentation - Birth certificate and high school diploma, graduation program, or verification letter from the high school.
  8. Parties Marry or Remarry Each Other and there is an ongoing Support Order
    Required documentation - Marriage certificate.
  9. Child’s deportation
    Required documentation - A copy of the order of deportation or anything else that verifies the deportation.


When the Support Officer receives the required documentation they will review the case to determine that all monies due have been paid in full. Each party will be sent “Findings and Recommendations” which will indicate the results of the Support Officer’s review. Each party will have thirty (30) days to object to the Support Officer’s results and request an Administrative Hearing at the agency.

The law allows for CJFS-OCSS to request an “Order to Impound” (hold) any monies being paid for the child being emancipated if it appears that the case is paid in full. This includes our administrative processing fees.

Any monies impounded (on hold) can ONLY be released with a court or administrative order. The law does not require the payment of interest on monies the CJFS-OCSS may hold through this entire process.

When an Administrative Hearing is requested, additional time is needed to complete the process and monies may continue to be deducted and sent to the agency.

An Administrative Hearing will ONLY address the arrears on the case. Issues such as visitation or custody will not be discussed.

Please be advised that although the child support obligation of the child being emancipated may be reduced or terminated, the original support amount must continue to be paid until the arrears are paid in full.

Either party may file a Motion to Emancipate or Terminate on their own in the court that issued their original order.

If your order needs to be reviewed for a reduction/termination, please contact the CJFS-OCSS Call Center at 216-443-5100

Special Note: The guidelines apply to Ohio orders only. If another state is involved, additional rules and regulations may apply.