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Administrative Hearing on an Existing Child and/or Medical Support Order

The purpose of an Administrative Hearing on an existing child and/or medical support order is to provide the parties with a process to address actions taken by the Office of Child Support Services (OCSS) on their case, and/or to request specified services on Administrative orders.

  • All Administrative Hearings are conducted at the Office of Child Support Services by an Administrative Hearing Officer, who acts as a neutral and unbiased party.
  • The Hearing Officer ensures that the actions taken by the OCSS comply with the child support laws contained in the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) and the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC).
  • A Hearing Officer CANNOT speak with either party on the case except during the hearing. (Hearing Officer’s CANNOT participate in ex parte communication). If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Hearing Officer’s assigned Legal Service Assistant or the Administrative Hearing Department at 216-443-5234.
  • The party requesting the Administrative hearing must be present AND on time or the hearing will be dismissed. If the non-requesting party is late, this may result in a hearing dismissal or the hearing being conducted in your absence.
  • All parties must conduct themselves in a professional manner during the hearing. Inappropriate language, gestures, comments, etc. will NOT be tolerated, and parties will be escorted out of the hearing by Security Officers. The hearing will then go forward in your absence.
  • ONLY issues pertaining to the hearing specifically requested will be addressed by the Hearing Officer. See below for a list of issues that pertain to each type of hearing.

    Reasons to Request an Administrative Hearing: An Administrative Hearing can be requested for four (4) reasons. The first four (4) reasons are requests to dispute actions taken by the CSEA on a case.
  • Mistake of Fact (MOF): A MOF hearing can be requested by the Obligor (payer) when they receive a Default Notice (form 4049) due to arrears being over one month’s obligation due on their case. The Obligor may only request a MOF hearing for three reasons: The Obligor feels there is an error in the amount of arrearage listed on notice; the Obligor is not the absent parent on the case; or the Obligor is disputing the new arrearage payment amount. (See Default section for further information)
  • Adjustment & Review (Modification): Either party may request a hearing if they disagree with the modification findings & recommendations prepared by the OCSS. At the hearing, the requesting party must produce evidence that an error was made in computing the Ohio Child Support Guidelines. (See Adjustment & Review section for further information)
  • Emancipation/Termination (Senate Bill 180): Either party may request a hearing if they dispute the emancipation and/or termination findings & recommendations prepared by the OCSS. At the hearing, the requesting party must produce evidence an error was made concerning either the child’s emancipation date, and/or the amount of arrears due and owing on the case. (See Emancipation/Termination section for further information)
  • Medical Insurance (National Medical Support Notice - NMSN): A party may request a medical insurance hearing if they receive a National Medical Support Notice (NMSN). Only issues pertaining to medical insurance can be addressed at the hearing.